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Mapping for Journalists & Bloggers

Digital journalism is an essential aspect of the modern news environment. Mapping software makes it happen. Find out how you can use online maps to do research, create visual impact, and much more.

Draw Attention to Your Articles & Posts

Embed online maps in news stories and blog posts to engage readers and convey your discoveries quickly. Your maps can show anything from crime density to areas affected by toxic spills.

Try including maps of local businesses in the articles that feature them. Writing about local breweries? Show your readers where to go to try them out.

Analyze Complex Data

Use Maptive’s powerful filters and groups to examine statistics from countless perspectives. Exploring your data visually can spark new insights.

Business Mapping

Measure circulation areas, organize print distribution routes, track delivery statistics, or map retail outlets. You can even use Maptive to determine cost and profitability by region.

Present Data

Liven up your presentations with interactive mapping software. Try using Maptive to highlight different aspects of your data throughout your talk. You can also generate static maps that communicate your findings to colleagues or enhance a report.

Know Your Audience

Understand your market area and provide input to advertisers. Create subscriber maps that inform your recruitment strategy.

Promote and Plan Events

Mark the locations of local events and share the map in print or on the Web. You can even use Maptive to evaluate spaces for your own media events.

Teach Data Journalism

Grab your students’ attention with powerful visualizations that will deepen their understanding of complex topics. You can emphasize different themes by applying filters and groupings during live demos. Maptive is the ideal tool for introducing students to data journalism.

More uses by our customers…

  • North American Locations
  • Retail Outlets
  • Article Rea search
  • Track Online Competition
  • Collect Consumer Information
  • Mapping Nepa Publications
  • Delivery Statistics
  • Calculating MHz Usage Nationwide
  • Global Media Programs
  • Building a Regional Membership Map
  • Graphing Presidential Candidate Visits
  • Evaluate Subscriber Details
  • Charting Media Reach
  • Mapping Network Subsidiaries
  • Stations using Business Formats
  • Nielson Research Data
  • Measuring Circulation Area
  • Regional Magazine/Book Distribution
  • Parking Violations Visual
  • Analyzing Traffic Stops Data
  • Distribution Routes
  • Weighing Clientèle by Volume
  • Determining Costs per Region
  • Additional Classrooms & Source Funding
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Illustrate Advertising Research
  • Population by Residential Postal Code
  • Planning Media Event
  • Profitability by Geographic Location
  • Mapping Tour of Distilleries for Article
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compiling Dealer Reports
  • Government Regulations Violations

Noted customers…

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  • Dauphine Magazine
  • Grosse Pointe Magazine
  • Bethesda Magazine
  • Magazine Luiza
  • Auto Glass Magazine
  • Lavender Magazine
  • The World Newspaper
  • Agile Radio Management Inc.
  • New York Times
  • Institute for Analytic Journalism
  • Sioux City Journal
  • Atlanta Jewish Times
  • Katz Media
  • Rural Radio Network
  • Biz Talk Radio
  • Spofford News Company
  • The News Group
  • 9News
  • Columbia Daily Tribune
  • Essex Gazette
  • Liturgical Publications Int
  • Lessiter Publications
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • Newsquest Media
  • Empowered Media
  • DSA Media
  • Social Mind Media
  • Leisure Media
  • Crimson Charm Books
  • The Spokesman Review
  • The Crime Report