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Maximize Your Impact

Mapping for Nonprofits and NGOs

Maximize your impact on the world with Maptive, a powerful Web-based mapping tool that’s perfect for development, analysis, and more. Maptive’s robust functionality will help you advance your organization’s goals in countless ways.

Manage Fundraising

Strengthen your fundraising efforts by doing more with your data. With Maptive, you can analyze detailed information on your donors and prospects.

Organize Humanitarian Efforts

When disaster strikes, relief organizations immediately turn to maps. Be ready to plan logistics, locate infrastructure, reunite loved ones, direct donations, and communicate critical information to volunteers. Maptive helps you streamline operations and get boots on the ground faster than ever.

Support Grant Applications

Create a map illustrating the problem you’re trying to solve, or your strategy to combat it. Including it in your proposal will catch the reviewer’s eye and make it stand out from the crowd.

Coordinate Volunteers

Assign volunteers to projects based on proximity. You can even organize carpool groups and pickup routes*, then generate driving directions for them.

Plan Delivery Routes

Reach more people with your delivery or mobile service. Plan routes between drop-off locations, calculate the distance between stops, and create driving directions. Let Maptive do all the work for you, or arrange logistics manually for more control.

Understand & Interpret Data

See your data differently. Maptive displays the results of your surveys, fieldwork, and research visually to reveal new insights. Approach your work from a fresh perspective, and use Maptive’s powerful analytical tools to uncover hidden trends.

Conduct Gap Analysis and Needs Analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your community and its needs. Mapping can reveal regional gaps that make a case for your service, or identify redundancy in dense areas.

Track Your Relationships

Map your membership, clients, partners, and donors to understand the people you work with. A visual standpoint can help you identify changes and uncover patterns.

Communicate Your Vision

Use Maptive to transform raw data into interactive maps that make an instant impression. Mapping complex data can help you convince stakeholders to make decisions that support your cause.

Promote Community Involvement & Awareness

Maps connect communities. Add them to your website to highlight projects, publicize community resources, or display local statistics on crime or housing.

Showcase Achievements

Create custom maps that share your successes. With Maptive, you can build maps that demonstrate your impact, or display past and current projects.

Assess Proposed Actions

New laws, regulations, and development can impact your mission. Find out how. With Maptive’s powerful functionality, you can analyze urban and natural landscapes to measure how changes may affect your community.

Organize Caseloads

Optimize regions for your workers, so they can create more impact. Assign cases by geography, number of people per household, and more.

Target New Areas

Find the people and places that need you. Identify critical land parcels to conserve, site new facilities, and find urban “food deserts” lacking fresh produce. Whatever your goals may be, Maptive can help you achieve them.

More uses by our customers…

  • Tracking Regional Memberships
  • Measuring Medical Aid Worldwide
  • Canvassing Prospective Donors
  • Mapping State Youth Competitions
  • Calculating Child Service Data
  • Collective Legal Aid Study
  • Emergency Response vehicle Locations
  • Plotting Drug Trial Patients
  • Market Analysis by Ranking RFD
  • Charting Locations & Boundaries
  • Measuring Program Enrollment
  • Convening of the Board – Providing Map Locations
  • Plotting Low Income Housing
  • Recording Sponsorships by State
  • Charity Event Planning
  • Environmental Curriculum Studies
  • Researching Assistive Living Housing
  • Local Veterinary Hospitals
  • Promote Children’s Services
  • Organizing Staff Caseloads
  • Global Offices
  • Regional Food Bank Distribution
  • Study Grants by Year/Name/Location
  • Donations Reach Across America
  • Profiling Active HIV Free Testing Sites
  • Criminal Offences by Location
  • Food Hamper Distribution Centers
  • Mapping Members by Zip Code
  • Donation Values by City/Town
  • International Classroom Data
  • Funding for Cultural Diversity by Capitol City
  • Economic Impact Studies

Noted customers…

red-cross humane-society unesco music-saves-lives affordable-housing-alliance
  • YMCA
  • InFaith Foundation
  • High Tech Kids
  • Easter Seals
  • Legal Aid Society
  • MDA Cancer Center
  • Canadian Women’s Foundation
  • Archdiocese of Denver
  • Living Classrooms Foundation
  • The Kresge Foundation
  • Affordable Housing Alliance
  • Humane Society
  • Music Saves Lives
  • Texas Wildlife Foundation
  • ArchCare
  • Independence Public Library
  • Growing Healthy Children
  • Feeding America
  • James S McDonnell Foundation
  • Philadelphia Dept. Public Health
  • Marion Police Department
  • Jewish Community Center Louisville
  • Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Perkins School for the Blind
  • Nevada Housing Authority