Get answers from a powerful visual you can share with others.


Main features

Transform raw location data into a beautiful, customized Google map in a matter of seconds.

Easy to Use

We’re continually streamlining our software towards a more intuitive and refreshing experience customer experience.

Map 10 or 100,000 locations

We’re built to handle just about any gnarly dataset you might throw our way.

Get Real (time)

Sync your data with our system and leave your map on auto pilot.

Self service in the clouds

Sign in to your account 24/7 from anywhere to get the answers you need now.  No software to download or install and no long waits for new features or bug fixes.

Take a snapshot

Save a snapshot of the map you customize.  Filter, group, search, or create proximity circles on your map, then save it for easy retrieval or sharing with others.

Google Safe

We’re licensed through Google’s enterprise mapping services. All data is geocoded by Google and secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Powerful Map Tools

Get access to all the customization and editing tools you’ll ever need to create beautiful, customized maps.


Get out the drawing tools to make visual sense of travel time, customer size, number of clients, yearly income, and more.

Data Filters

Precision at your fingertips – pair down your data to see the truth behind the numbers.


Assign unique map markers to location types. Maptive will auto generate a legend with selectable groups, so you can see only what you need to.

Proximity Circles

Draw radius circles (in miles or kilometers) from any mapped location.  See what’s included nearby by any specified distance.

Distance Calculator

Calculate the distance between two locations using our drawing tool or with Google Directions (including estimated time).

Optimize Routes / Directions

Map the most efficient route between locations and get Google Directions.  Pair this with the Proximity tool to show nearby points of interest or other locations.

Map Customization

Maptive maps can be fully customized and configured to meet the unique needs of any business or organization—large or small.

Marker Labels

Label markers can be toggled on or off.

Bubble Markers

Group number ranges to create bubble markers on your map. Bubble markers can help identity trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Custom Markers

Upload your own markers to get the exact look you need.

Map Base Layers

We offer a number of unique base layer styles to give your map the look you need.

Satellite View, Terrain View, etc.

Toggle viewing of base layers along with labeling, roads, points of interest, etc.

Pie Charts

Turn dense marker areas into something much easier on the eyes – pie charts.  Give shape to your data to make better sense of it.

Share, Embed and Display

Share your map privately with specific individuals, publish publicly to the web, or embed within a webpage or blog using simple HTML code.

Poster Size Maps

Print a custom, Google based map at 2048 x 2048 resolution, then share it with others or mount it on a wall.

One Click Sharing

Share your map with others with a click. Require a password to view or publish your map for all to see on the web.

Presentation Maps

Customize the look of your map and which tools are available, then share your map with select others.

Embed to a Website or Blog 

Using just one given line of HTML code.

Full Screen Mode

Share a clean, map only version with others using full-screen mode.

Password Protect Your Map

Keep your map(s) private by requiring a password to view.

Google Maps Reliability

Global coverage, world class tools, and unmatched performance thanks to mapping technology from Google.

It Just Works

Time and again, Google Maps has proven itself the most accurate, reliable, and trustworthy mapping platform in the world.

Street View

Get down to the street level with one of Google’s most loved and familiar features, Street View.

3D Maps

Bring another dimension to your visual with a 3D map.

A Map of Beauty

If it’s made to educate or persuade, your map better look good.

Global Coverage

Map in over 210 countries at a depth of coverage and accuracy only Google Maps can deliver on.

Toggle this feature on or off to include geographic features in map searches (in addition to your mapped locations).

Mobile Friendly Maps

The maps you create and share can be easily accessed and viewed on any smartphone or tablet devices.

Optimize Your Routes

Get the most efficient route in time and distance between multiple locations.

Friendly with Mobile Devices

Our maps are built and optimized for the mobile world.

GPS Tracking

Track your location in real-time with the precision-level accuracy of Google-enabled GPS.

No Apps Required

Access and work with your maps straight from the web, no software or apps needed.

Google Navigate

The familiarity and trust of Google Directions in your interactive map.

Map Tools

Access to the tools you need to design, customize, and share your map.

Product FAQ

How many locations can I map?

Maptive can map up to 100,000 locations per map. Note that map performance visibly declines after 75,000 addresses, depending on the amount of accompanying data included.

Do your maps include a map legend or key?

Yes! Maptive can generate a map legend simply by selecting which data columns you would like to see categorized or grouped. Maptive will assign unique marker colors to each location type. Map users can then click the product names in the legend area to selectively view them on the map or choose to see them all at once.

How do I permanently delete my data and maps?

It’s easy, just delete the map associated with the data you wish to discard and it will be deleted permanently from our data base.

Do you have a spreadsheet template to help with formatting?

Yes! Our spreadsheet template also shows you how to link to an image or a website.

Are my maps private?

All maps are private by default and can only be seen if you choose to share the link to them.

Can I password protect my maps?

Yes! Maptive Plus allows you to password protect individual maps. Map visitors must enter the password you specify in order to view and interact with your map.

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